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I’m currently putting the final touches on a promotional video I scripted, directed, and edited from start to finish. Throughout my career, I’ve put my dual degrees in Art and English to maximal use: infusing English lectures with visual aids and games; pairing precise technical copy with meticulous diagrams; and, most recently, rendering 3D product models, creating videos, and engineering audio for both instructional and marketing materials.


I hold dual bachelor’s degrees in Art and English and a master’s in English Writing. While in grad school, I developed and taught 27 unique courses across three universities as an adjunct instructor. In addition, I facilitated, recorded, and coordinated on-site and online tutoring sessions at UW-Milwaukee as Online Tutoring Coordinator. Most recently, I’ve worked as Technical Writer and Production Artist for Gilson, a biotechnology company.

  • Full Name: Matthew Morris-Cook
  • Birth Date: March 16, 1983
  • Job: Production Artist
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As a writer and educator, I bring a love for sharp, crisp copy into all my projects, not limited to lectures, educational games, content marketing, technical documents, graphics, and video. On the writing side of my skills spectrum, I’m proficient with: InDesign, FrameMaker, Word, PowerPoint, Scrivener, and Prezi. On the graphics and video production side, I know: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Captivate, Audition, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Solidworks, Blender, and Maxwell Render. Lastly, I’m familiar with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and Visual Studio Code.

  • 90%
    Adobe Creative Cloud
  • 95%
    Office 365
  • 80%
    Front End Coding
  • 95%
    Adobe Premiere Pro
  • 90%
    Adobe After Effects
  • 85%
    Adobe Audition

More about my credentials.

Work Experience

Production Artist

June 2018 to Present

Gilson, Inc.

Script, direct, edit, and engineer sound for instructional and marketing videos. Create 3D, photorealistic product renderings. Design infographics, flyers, and document templates. Photograph and record product demos and internal training sessions.

Technical Writer

2013 to 2018

Gilson, Inc.

Created, edited, and revised instructional videos and technical documents for laboratory equipment, including: diode array (DAD) and mass spectrometer (MS) detectors, high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) pumps, automated liquid handling (ALH) systems, manual and automated pipettes, and various custom OEM products.

Designed illustrations, technical diagrams, and new document templates for PowerPoint, InDesign, FrameMaker, and Premiere Pro.

Planned and coordinated documentation projects in conjunction with quality assurance specialists, marketing specialists, mechanical engineers, and technical writers. Collaborated with software and firmware engineers to design and update software UIs.

Recorded instruments and systems in operation and created 3D animations for educational and promotional material.

Created photo-realistic renderings of laboratory equipment and systems.

Photographed instruments and systems for diagrams and promotional materials.

Program Assistant & Online Tutoring Coordinator

2009 to 2013

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Managed and facilitated on-site and remote tutoring and internal training sessions.

Adjunct Instructor

2007 to 2010

Various Universities

Developed original course curricula, assignments, and grading rubrics for twenty seven unique courses across three universities with special emphasis in adult learning.


Master's Degree


English, Creative Writing
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Bachelor's Degree


English, Creative Writing Emphasis
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Bachelor's Degree


Art, Graphic Design Emphasis
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


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Examples of videos, graphics, and documents created throughout my career.


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